Smart water softeners

Optimum efficiency 
and long life

EcoWater’s unique Smart water softener  technology controls your soft water every day for optimum efficiency and long life.

Up to 50% less running costs per year compared to a basic block salt system

A choice of water softeners to suit your home

• Superb reliability
• Monitors water use
• Uses less salt and water than a basic block salt system

Water softeners made by EcoWater

• High flow capability
• Consistent delivery of soft water on demand
• Less recharges = longer life

Water softeners for the family home

Controls All day Every day

Soft water when you need it

Automatically adapts to your home’s water consumption including wash days, home time and holidays so you have soft water when you need it

Water softeners that monitor every day

Optional Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi enabled EcoWater softeners
communicate with you on your
mobile  device to ensure you stay in
control 24/7

wi-fi enabled water softeners

Control from your sofa

• Salt top up
• Water usage monitor
• Performance information
• Remote support for extra peace of mind