Intelligent water softeners

First class performance
First class reliability

EcoWater water softeners designed for every home

A smart water softener tailored to your home’s exact requirements, will deliver the most cost-efficient, reliable and long-lasting solution.  Our water softeners are designed to meet your requirements.  Their smart technology keeps you in control.

You can fit an EcoWater softener at any time.  Make it a ‘must have’ appliance when installing a new bathroom or kitchen and you’ll protect your investment for years to come.

Water softeners are normally installed close to the incoming mains water.  This is often located in the kitchen, but it is not always the case.  That’s why we always recommend having a free site survey.  The engineer can then discuss with you where best to site the water softener.  There’s no obligation, just our best advice.

Reliable – giving you peace of mind

EcoWater is at the forefront of the water treatment industry.  We know how to manufacture a consistent and reliable product.  We’ve poured decades of expertise and experience into our design.  We know the essentials for a perfect soft water experience,  you can be confident of the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Unlike many other brands EcoWater Systems makes everything itself, designing, engineering and manufacturing 95% of our softeners and components in our own ISO9001 accredited facilities.  Within state-of-the-art factories, our production processes have been uniquely developed to consistently deliver the highest levels of product quality and reliability.

EcoWater softeners use minimal parts for the best reliability.  The valve features Teflon coated rotors to increase the life of moving seals.  The fibreglass reinforced resin tank has a 10 year warranty.

Smart technology – to save you money

EcoWater uses patented technology for enhanced performance.  Everyday the softener monitors the home’s water use. Using this information the softener gets to know the home’s water use patterns and adapts itself to work at maximum efficiency.   This means it can adapt to your exact needs.

Simple to use

An EcoWater softener is automatic.  It’s smart technology ensures you always have soft water on demand.

Upkeep is simple.  Occasionally you will need to top it up with tablet salt, which it uses for its cleaning cycle.  All EcoWater softeners are designed to be super efficient, keeping your on-going running costs much lower than conventional softeners.  The water softener’s display will show you when the salt level is getting low.  The large salt container with wide loading makes it simple to fill. There’s even the option of having a handy remote control, which will show you exactly what the softener is doing and when it needs more salt.

Information at your fingertips

A display provides up-to-date information on the performance of your softener.  A salt alarm lets you know when to top up with salt and electronic water monitoring keeps track of your water usage.  It can even alert you if you have a water leak in the home.

Compact Water Softener

Family softener when space
is at a premium

Compact Water softener for up to 4 people

ESM9+ Compact water softener

ESM9+ specification

Larger Home Softener

For up to 7 people high capacity
for larger families.

ESM15+ EcoWater water softener for the larger home

ESM15+ Large Home Softener

ESM15+ specification

Download specification sheet for ESM Product Range

ESM Product Range 2015 Spec Sheet

Medium Sized Water Softener

Our most popular family softener,
high capacity in a kitchen cupboard

ESM11+ EcoWater Family Model Water Softener

ESM11+ Family water softener

ESM11+ specification

High Demand Softeners

Power  for large homes who need high flow rates and high capacity.

EcoWater 3500 series of high demand water softeners for large homes

3500 High Demand Softener

3500 series specification

If you have any questions about our water softener range please contact us we will be happy to help.

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