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Soft Water Benefits

EcoWater the intelligent answer
to hard water problems

You’ll love the difference

If you live in a hard water area, a water softener
will change the way you think about water in your home.

Every time you turn on a tap, bath, shower or use the washing machine
or dishwasher, water passes through the water softener and
creates beautifully softened water.

Soft water transforms your home

Softened water creates luxurious lather

A water softener eliminates scale

A water softener is installed on to the home’s plumbing system.
The whole house will benefit from soft water.
It uses a process called ion-exchange,  to extract the scale for truly softened water.

It’s never too late to solve the problems of built-up scale.

If your water pipes and hot water cylinders are suffering from scale build-up, softened water will gradually wash away existing deposits
so that they eventually return to peak efficiency – and stay that way.

Which softener is right for you?

A softener tailored to your home’s exact requirements will deliver the most cost efficient, reliable and long-lasting solution to your hard water problems.

Whatever size of home, or number of occupants, EcoWater provides the intelligent answer to meet your soft water needs.

Our water softeners can last 15 years and more. We can help you make the right choice.

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About EcoWater

Manufactured in our own facilities,
our smart technology and high quality materials,
means you can rely on EcoWater.

One in four of the world’s water softeners are made by
EcoWater Systems.

No wonder EcoWater has an unbeatable reputation
for product quality and reliability.